School Council Guidebook

The Georgia School Council Guidebook was revised in 2015. The Data Analysis section has been updated with the new reports. Information about the Georgia Assessment program and CCRPI has been included. The section on No Child Left Behind has been deleted. The School Council law has not changed since 2009; however, there have been minor updates to other laws referencing school councils.

The Guidebook is designed to fit into a standard 1-inch 3 ring binder. Download and print each file below for the complete GuideBook. Some sections have supplementary files. Print these supplementary files separately and insert them where indicated in the Word document.

Section 1: School Improvement (Word); Goal Review Worksheet (Excel)

Section 2: Data Analysis (Word); Example CRCT Data Analysis (Excel); CRCT Data Analysis Worksheet (Excel); Georgia Assessment Program (Excel)

Section 3: Engaging Parents and the Community (Word); Parent Involvement Worksheet (Excel)

Section 4: School Council Organization and Procedures (Word). This section includes model bylaws, agendas, minutes, and more.


Additional Handouts and Templates:

Annual Report Template

Model Bylaws Template

Vision Statement Worksheet; Mission Statement Worksheet

Action Plan Template; Action Plan Worksheet; Sample Action Plan

Appropriate Activities for Councils

Effective Meetings Checklist

Agenda Template; Sample Council Agenda

Minutes Template; Sample Council Minutes

Parliamentary Procedure

Sample Affidavit (to close the meeting for Executive Session)

Principal Selection Process; Principal Interview Guidelines; Principal Interview Questions